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Hi MY Promotions family,

 As you may have heard, John Hendershott and myself, Jessica Gill, are working with Sally and Tom Mere to organize and run the MY Promotions festivals going forward.  We own, Surfboardtables.com, so we are vendors as well, so bringing the biggest crowds possible to our events and providing an atmosphere where people are coming ready to shop is our main priority.

 We are very excited and grateful to Sally for this opportunity. We are working very closely with her to learn her knowledge.  Furthermore, we will be focusing on a large social media presence along with bringing some fun new additions to help maximize the customerís interest in coming to our festivals and shop, shop, shop!

 Please have patience as we move forward there are a lot of moving parts...feel free to email me with any questions, suggestions, or concerns and I will be happy to get back with you ASAP.

 Also, please email me the best way to contact you, we want to update our email database with the most current info so we can send updates on what we have planned for the upcoming events as we progress.

 We are the ultimate small businesses and together we can continue on Sallyís legacy and bring record crowds to these events. 😊   Looking forward to having fun and making money!

 Best regards,
 Jessie and John



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