If you would like to participate in one of our craft shows, print this page, fill in the appropriate information and scan/email, or mail it to: jessie@surfboardtables.com
MY Promotions
6601 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 120
Sarasota, FL 34231

mobile 302-384-1116
(no fax at this time)
E-mail: jessie@surfboardtables.com
Date:                              Mobile Phone:                                          
Last Name:                                                      Home Phone:                                          
First Name:                                                       Business Phone:                                          
Business Name:                                                              Fax:                                                       
Address:                                                               E-mail address: ______________________________


State:                                                     Car Make / Model: __________________
Zip Code:                             Car Tag Number: ___________________

Type of Craft:                                                                                                                         

Prior Exhibitor: Yes / No
Confirmation Needed: Yes / No (If yes - send a self-addressed stamped envelope - SASE)
Do you need Electric: Yes / No (If yes and available - add $40.00 for the weekend, using it only in the daytime (or $40.00 for the night)
Booth Size: 11X11 or more
Corner Booth: Yes / No (If yes and available - add $40.00)
Overnight RV Parking: Yes / No (If yes and available - however it is limited add $40.00 per weekend. (Talk to us about Punta Gorda)
FL Sales Tax No: Yes / No (circle one)
Limited Tent Rental :Yes / No (If available Easy Up $150.00 we set up - we tear down)
Do you come with a trailer - How long?  No - Yes _____ft
For Food Vendors only: You will have to have insurance - no exception!  Make MY Promotions as Addtl. Insureds -                                                                                     However I would appreciate if everyone would have insurance.  It a small amount (around $200. per year) and it protects all of us!!!

Your generator will have to be covered as much as possible to avoid excess noise. You can build a styrofoam cover that help greatly with cutting down noise levels.

A valid Credit card number-Exp.Date & Sec Code and Billing Zip Code is required for each show to hold your space, unless you pay in full, please talk to me if you have an issue with that. If I have your C C information, and you request another show, you do not have to send a check. The balance will be charged before the show, unless you send a check. Deposit alone is not enough. I got burned more times than I want to mention. I deleted all credit card numbers at the end of the season, so please send the new numbers and all that is required.

A $30 non refundable deposit is required for each choice. I will add $5.00 when I charge. You cannot participate in any show unless the finances are settled.

If you want to pay by check, please send in your fee 2 weeks prior to the show you are participating in or I will charge your card..

If you cancel for ANY Reason later than 2 weeks - you will owe the fee for the show. Call me - If I feel your explanations are reasonable I will listen. I have the power to lower your amount due. Please understand that my expenses are not reimbursed or lowered .                                                                                                       
Show fee is NOT REFUNDABLE due to weather or any other acts of God.
Which show numbers do you wish to attend:
Watch for updates at www.mypromotions.com  or call me (302) 384-1116  Bring your own 2 1/2 inch Drywall Screws & Washers and Drill with you to anchor down your tents! If not, we will charge $5.00  to do it.  If you have insurance and make MY Promotions an additional Insured, then you are exempt from screwing down, Anchoring with Screws and Cement blocks or Sand bags is a MUST!!! NO EXCEPTIONS because of Safety! Screws to be used have to have MY's approval!! For grassy location please have ropes and GOOD stakes with you as well. Always have a dolly with you in case we cannot drive up to the spot.
I do hereby release, forever discharge, indemnify and hold harmless MY Promotions, its sponsors and grounds from all manner of action, suits, sums of money, damages, claims and demands from any loss or injury.
This applies to all of MY Promotion's Shows.  

Credit Card: Visa   MC   Amex   Discover  (circle one)         

Name:_____________________ Card #   ________________

Exp date:_______________      Sec Code:  _______________  

Billing Zip Code _____________

Please read and sign

XX____________________________________________                                                                                                       Signature of Applicant     (Required)           


Please remember that start time will be at 9 AM - to 4 PM on Friday & Saturday -   9 to 4 on Sunday. Set up time starts after 12 AM on Friday (Thursday) and 6:30 AM on Saturday.

If you have any trailer or RV - PLEASE SET UP Friday, ESPECIALLY BELL TOWER & PUNTA GORDA - GILCHRIST PARK                  


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