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*Welcome to M.Y. Promotions!
"Where people are at Heart"

M.Y. Promotions, Inc was birthed by two ladies who started out as crafters. Sally Mere & Donna Youngblood, therefore the initials MY.

Our idea was to do for Crafters and Artisans what we wanted to have done for us. We have enjoyed working with a variety of Crafters & Artisans and have developed friendships that will last a lifetime.

Donna has decided to leave MY after 10 years to pursue different interests. We appreciate everything she did and wish her well! Ron has gotten so busy with his business interests that he also bowed out and will not be able to help me. Gene & Shirley Nicalek, our security staff are invaluable to me. Anything I need done, they will do it and we will be fine. Friends, please listen to Gene if he asks you to do or not do something! He has my total backing! Tom, my husband is now staying with me, not just bringing me and leaving. He decided, beings he is staying all weekend, and he cannot sit and do nothing, (that drives him crazy) he started making Wood - Corian and Deer Antler pens. They turn out very nicely. It is wonderful to have him with me.

Tom and my personal family consists of 2 Daughters & 1 Son - all married. We also have 7 Grandchildren: 5 awesome boys and  2 adorable princesses. Our oldest Grandson finished his third year of college and got engaged. My second one is studying at USF in Orlando, and changed his mind once already, and my eldest Grand Daughter just finished High School early and is attending College as well. The Baby of the bunch is in 4th Grade. I cannot believe how time has flown by. Both of my Daughters and Spouses live only minutes from us and our Son and his Wife live only 10 miles from us. We are truly blessed.          

Ron & Donna are doing very well. Their family has two married sons, 1 gorgeous Grand Daughter (the first little girl in generations) and 2 awesome Grandsons.  Matthew lives in North Port and still looking for another pastoral position in Florida.  The Lord says ask what you exactly want and if it is his will he will grant it. N.C. is just too far to see the Grand Sons. Philip is a Fort Myers Police Officer, and his wife is working at the Hospital. They too have been very blessed.

We still advertise very well. We use local Papers & Radio Stations, Banner & Road Signs wherever possible & flyers.

We offer great food at our shows, such as BBQ, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Funnel Cakes, Kettle Corn, Ice Cream, Lemonade and Nuts.

We support a Wildlife Sanctuary "Lions, Tigers & Bears, Inc". They cannot bring Sampson any longer, the boy weighs over 600 pounds and it is near impossible to keep the van and trailer on the road.  He does not sit still. We still support them even though they are not with us. They have to feed over 75 animals daily.

The most important motto of our company is: WE Care!

We have been in your shoes as crafters and work hard for you, so that you will be successful also. In helping others to be successful, we are successful as well. We are on location from the time we set up until after the show is over, except for suppers. If you have ANY complaints or Suggestions (which I appreciate), please see me or Gene. I will NEVER hold anything against anyone, if you do not agree with me. I make mistakes, I'm a big girl - I can take criticism. I would like to help solve problems, not make them.

I heard complaints of me taking in some buy-sell, that is true. But none of it is in competition with you or is trashy. Please understand that those kind of Vendors make the show look bigger, which draws customers. I try to keep them separate from my Craft Vendors and Artisans.

All other promoters accept Buy-Sell as well, but many don't disclose it.

Weather was horrible in January - after that the shows and weather got better and attendance improved as well.. Small businesses are still the life blood of our Country. Don't give it up!!

 We hope you will join us in our upcoming season.


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